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Throwing a Halloween-Themed Open House

by thepropertysearchsiteOctober 28, 2019

How to Throw a Halloween-Themed Open House That'll Scare Up Buyers
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Those fake bloody gravestones in the yard and cotton spiderwebs all over the house don’t exactly scream “buy me, I’m homey” as potential buyers pull up to the house. So, what are you supposed to do, not decorate your house for Halloween just because it’s for sale? Even though you want to create an inviting look to your home, you don’t have to turn those porch pumpkins into pie just yet.

Instead of thinking about how you can get around it, you can actually use the holiday to your advantage. Think of it as a seasonal marketing tool. Instead of putting your décor away, use it to throw a Halloween-themed open house. Fun, right? But before you get toooo excited, let’s talk about how it can be done to maximize your home marketing without being over the top.

Décor Decorum

You might have a personal preference when it comes to your Halloween decorating style, but let’s remember that you aren’t just decorating for your family or the neighborhood kids, it has to be appropriate and appealing to the general public. Satanic or overtly demonic décor can be offensive to some buyers. Décor or costumes that are racially sensitive or can be seen as cultural appropriation should be avoided as well as anything that is politically tinged (no matter how topical or timely).

You are inviting the public into your home as potential buyers and guests with the goal of selling your home. That means you want to make sure that they have a positive experience and remember your home for the right reasons.

Make it the Most Fun Open House on the Block

In this instance, you don’t have to wait to hand out candy of snacks to anyone who comes to your door (let’s hope potential buyers don’t come in costume). You can set up a beautiful fall-style display in one of your rooms complete with snacks and drinks like cider, fall-themed cookies, fall fruits, or even pumpkin spice coffee. Have available bowls of candy for kids and adults (who doesn’t want candy) for visitors to grab on their way in or out. When there’s snacks to be had, you’ll have your visitors staying longer, giving them more opportunity to learn all the great things about the house.

Make Your Home Warm and Inviting

Of course, you want potential buyers to walk into your house and think, “I want to live here!” So help make it feel like home, a home they can see themselves living in every fall/Halloween season. Instead of buying treats, bake them yourself to create a warm and great baked goods-smelling atmosphere.

When it comes to décor, mix in warmth with fall colors and décor like pumpkins and fall scented candles. However, this isn’t a fall-themed open house, it’s Halloween-themed. So, there’s no need to feel you have to be stiff with the decoration, definitely throw in use some fun Halloween items that are appropriate for all ages.

Kid-Friendly Halloween House

Adults may not be the only ones coming to see their potential future-home, likely they’ll be some kids and that’s great. If the kids love the house and want to stay, it may have some influence on the parent’s decision. A kid-friendly Halloween open house can include simple games like cornhole or Halloween coloring pages and crayons to help keep kids occupied while the parents check out the house.

Some appropriate on-theme décor could include Halloween-themed music playing as visitors enter, orange Halloween lights, walls decorated with friendly paper bats, painted pumpkins, and fall pillows. You can turn the family cat or dog into walking décor by putting them in costume for the event.

Scale Down the Scare

While we’re talking about making your Halloween open house décor appropriate for kids and the general public, let’s talk about scare factor. Sure, many people consider Halloween a fun-scary time and choose décor that reflects that. However, it’s a good idea to stay away from extremely creepy decoration or décor that includes blood, gore, or are of a violent nature. Remember, You want your décor to accent and highlight your house, drawing attention to it instead of to over the top decorations that could turn some buyers off.

So, go ahead and celebrate while you sell. Make your open house a seasonal, all-age appropriate good experience that buyers are likely to remember for all the right reasons and want to come back to permanently.

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