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What to Consider Before Painting a Room Yourself

by thepropertysearchsiteOctober 25, 2019

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I’ve got this, how hard can it be? If you’ve ever painted artistically has a hobby (paint by numbers, anyone?), it might seem like the leap to painting the walls in your house is a short one. After all, it’s mainly wide-open spaces so it’s tough to get that wrong, right? Wellll, there’s more to it than that. Knowing the details of what you are getting yourself into can help you know whether a home painting project is the right choice for you. Before deciding whether to DIY your home project or call in a professional, consider the following points.

Can You Commit to the Project?

Though your wall may look like a big version of a kid’s paint by number with its easy to color blank canvas feel, there’s more to it than rolling some paint on the wall. In fact, it can be quite a time intensive project and it’s important to understand everything that is involved in the task. It can put you in a tight spot to dedicate one afternoon to painting only to find out you needed way more time or need to leave the task half finished until you can find more time.

Consider that paint and the right materials (the right brushes, rollers, primers, sanding blocks, etc.) need to be purchased—that alone can take some time and effort. Then there is time-consuming prep work needs to be done before paint even touches the wall. This can include:

  • Covering furniture, switch plates, electrical outlets
  • Putting protective painter’s tape around doorways, windows, and trim
  • Thoroughly cleaning walls should be thoroughly with a mild detergent to remove loose dirt and paint. And importantly there needs to be enough time to allow the walls to thoroughly dry
  • Previously painted walls need to be scuffed and sanded for better paint adhesion

These are just some of the tedious pre-painting tasks that need to take place, there are also many post-painting tasks that need to be done as such as cleaning paint brushes and more.

In a survey done by Glidden paint, millions of people said that they put off DIY home painting projects because the prep work felt too daunting. You’re not alone if you feel that prep and after-painting clean-up puts a little bit of a damper on your DIY enthusiasm. But skipping the prep work is not an option if you want to avoid troubles down the road or a poor-quality appearance.

Are Time and Patience All You Need?

Prep work doesn’t scare you—you’ve got the time and patience to dedicate to the whole project and that is great! But is that all you need? Don’t underestimate the importance of experience. Painting is a trade, one that experts perfect over time.

What if you are a novice but committed to your DIY painting project? A little practice might go a long way to taking you out of total newbie territory. Do you have an inconspicuous area (like a closet or utility area) that you can paint first? Gaining some experience before moving on to the main area can give you time to try out and perfect some techniques in a low-pressure environment.

Colors Can Be Tricky

Anyone who has ever painted their home can tell you that there is a big difference between the color swatch you find under the fluorescent store lights and how it looks on your wall at home. You may find that the color you absolutely loved and was “the one” for your room looks more like a nightmare once it’s applied to your walls. Knowing how paint hues will look in different lighting and on larger surfaces is a skill in itself—one that a professional painter can help you with.

Should You DIY or Hire a Professional?

We applaud all the DIY-ers out there who want to tackle tasks, learn new skills, and improve their home. But it’s important to know your skill level, the scope of the task, and when to ask for help from a professional. A professional painter has the experience to fully understand important details like primers, finishes, the right brushes, application techniques and so on. Whether you do it yourself of hire a pro, we wish you happy painting and a beautiful finish.

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